April 2013 Make-up Haul

Following on to my skincare haul I also did a Clinique make-up haul. I got a few colour surge eye shadow quads (Plum Seduction, Polar Blue, Teddy Bear), a few Lid colour antioxidant eye shadows (Cashew Later, Born Freesia, Currant Affair, Pinkgo Biloba), Touch Base for eyes (Canvas, Petal Shimmer), Quickliner Intense (Intense Black), Brush on cream liner (True Black, Deep Brown), Superfine Liner for Brows (Black/Brown), Brow Shaper (Shaping Taupe), Chubby Stick Intense Lip Balm (Chunkiest Chilli, Broadest Berry), Chubby Stick the regular one (Watermelon, Mango **seem to be discontinued colours**), High Impact Curling Mascara, Lash Doubling Mascara, High Impact Mascara, Bottom lash mascara, Blushwear Cream Stick (Peachy Blush), Blended Face Powder, True Bronze Pressed Powder and the Up-lighting liquid Illuminator (Natural). It was quite the haul, but I truly thought Clinique would deliver some good results. Unfortunately I was not as happy as I thought I would be. Of the eyeshadows, you really need the Touch Base eyeshadow to act as a primer in order to use the Colour Surge Quads. Even so, the quads don’t produce much colour, they leave you with a very subtle finish which is nice for a day look but not nearly strong enough for day/night makeup or night makeup. The Lid smoothies were slightly better, but I only liked them because of the cooling effect they had on my eye lid when I applied them. Of the mascaras, I was extremely disappointed. The High Impact Curling Mascara came off in clumps no matter what I tried. I used makeup wipes, waterproof dissolving remover, warm water…but each time I had to peel the little tubes off each of my lashes (which made me feel as though I was peeling off my lashes!!!). The regular High Impact Mascara is the only one I’d recommend, and even then there are far better (and cheaper) mascaras out there. Both brow products were outstanding, comparable to MAC products that I’ve tried. The quickliner intense eye liner smudges very easily but the two cream eye liners I really liked. They have a nice creamy texture and went on very smoothly with the included brush. The cream blush was average, didn’t really stand out, the illuminator really didn’t make much of a difference and the bronzer needed to be layered in order for any colour to show through. The blending powder was extremely chalking and had a surprisingly great amount of coverage with just a little bit of powder, I felt it was almost too much coverage to be honest. I normally use a translucent setting powder and this was just too heavy and needed to be blended a lot in order to not be obvious. The group of products that I absolutely adore are the Chubby Sticks, you just can’t go wrong with these colours! If you want something bolder, go with the Intense sticks, they last a long time and are extremely comfortable to wear. The normal sticks are very moisture intense with just the subtlest hint of colour which I really liked. Can’t go wrong with the Chubby Sticks.


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